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creating impact, one pot at a time.

We believe design makes life better and more beautiful. It creates valuable moments of peacefulness in an increasingly busier world and we feel it should be available to everybody.

Welcome to The Pots Company.

about us

The Pots Company is a creator of brands in flowerpots and planters. We are passionate about design and the impact it has in making the world a better and nicer place.


Our mission is to create impact for people, planet and profit through the flowerpots and planters we design. We do this by being unique in our designs, responsible when it comes to the materials we use and cooperative when it comes to our business model.

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meet our brands

ECOPOTS Amsterdam Grey flower pot in a S
ecopots ecwid.png

Ecopots is a brand designed around durability. Durable because of its timeless Scandinavian design, but also durable because Ecopots are made from recycled materials. Ecopots are CO2 neutral certified products. Ecopots is meant for garden retail and specialist shops.

Ecopots 06-01-20 - 32.jpg
cosapots diap.png

Cosapots are made to make an impression. They are handmade from an unique lightweight and strong material. Available only in large sizes Cosapots do pack a punch. Cosapots is meant for high end garden retail and the project market.

get in touch

Curious about how we can help your business move forward with our distinctive and exciting brands? Get in touch, send as a message on this address. Are you looking for bespoke products or keen to learn what we can do for the project market, then also make sure so send us a message! 


The Pots Company NV

Evolis business park 100

​8500 Kortrijk 

BE - Belgium

0032 - 492 15 00 20

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